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All of us on the CorrectionalOfficer.org team share a vision of providing candid, accurate and in depth information about the field of Corrections. Our resources and detailed articles are built around information sourced from experts and authority figures in the field, and are meticulously researched for accuracy. We cater to aspiring students, current officers, and professionals in related fields, and hope that we can help anyone considering Corrections to make informed decisions.

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CorrectionalOfficer.org is now accepting articles, opinion pieces, blog posts, letters, and academic papers on topics that will be of interest to the Correctional and Law Enforcement community. We are seeking submissions from current and former officers, professionals with a background in criminal justice administration, and students pursuing a career in criminal justice.

Submission Guidelines

  • By submitting a post, you give CorrectionalOfficer.org the right to edit, publish and share this post with the social media accounts operated by CorrectionalOfficer.org.
  • Articles should be at least 500 words and 100% unique to this website (not published anywhere else).
  • All published articles will receive authorship (credit to you for writing the article), unless you ask to remain anonymous.
  • Subject matter should be related to the field of corrections or law enforcement, and cover any topic you are passionate about. Topics of particular interest include:
    • How shrinking budgets are affecting the field of corrections
    • How the growing number of elderly inmates, and mental health issues associated with aging is affecting the correctional workplace
    • The radicalization of inmates
    • Best practices for dealing with confrontation and combative inmate behavior
    • Is training keeping up with the changing correctional landscape?
    • Growing litigation by inmates and its affect on correctional procedures
    • Issues affecting the morale of staff

Please submit your articles below for immediate consideration. An editor from CorrectionalOfficer.org will contact you when the article is ready to be posted.

To get in contact with us for updates or anything else, please email here: [email protected].