Becoming a Correctional Officer in Delaware

The state of Delaware currently incarcerates just over 4,000 sentenced inmates in 4 prisons and 9 community corrections facilities throughout the state. All have a need for professional and assertive staff to fulfill a variety of correctional roles within the facility. Some, like Baylor Women's Correctional Institution and the Hazel D. Plant Women's Treatment Facility specifically require female officers to fulfill some roles. Others, like James T. Vaughn Correctional Center and the Sussex Correctional Institution do not have specifications in this regard. indicates that there will be steady growth over the next ten years throughout the state and nationally; over this time period, the state of Delaware will be looking to hire an additional 5% of their existing correctional workforce as well as applicants to replace employees who have retired, advanced, or left the field. Interested so far? Read further on our page for more information regarding employment opportunities for correctional officers in Delaware, or try a practice application through the Department of Corrections portal.


Delaware Technical Community College-Terry

100 Campus Drive, Dover, DE 19901
Phone: (302) 857-1000

Delaware Technical Community College-Stanton/Wilmington

333 N. Shipley Street, Wilmington, DE 19801
Phone: (302) 571-5300

Wilmington University

320 Dupont Hwy, New Castle, DE 19720
Phone: (877) 967-5464

Delaware Correctional Officer Certification Requirements

Delaware's Department of Corrections hires on a continual basis for the role of Corrections Officer to be employed in many of the state's penitentiaries and county jails. With an aging workforce, there is a continuous need for motivated, career-minded individuals that thrive in a challenging and dynamic environment. Due to some of the more challenging aspects of the role, the Department of Corrections is committed to hiring only those candidates who are the best fit for corrections officers. There is a multi-stage process in order to ensure qualified applicants. Along with a completed paper or online application, candidates must provide proof of the following:

  • Age 21+
  • United States citizen
  • Possess a valid driver's license
  • Are without felony or domestic violence convictions
  • Possess good moral character
  • Possess a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Veterans to have proof of honorable discharge
  • Negative drug test

With proof of these items provided, suitable candidates will be invited to advance to the next round of assessment by the state. Applicants will submit themselves to a variety of tests to show their aptitude for the role of corrections officer. Such assessments will include:

  • Fitness testing
  • Physical assessment
  • Written test
  • Mental health assessment
  • Personal and professional background check including fingerprinting

Candidates who pass the assessment portion of the hiring process will be shortlisted and contacted by Delaware's Human Resources department as positions throughout the state become available. Upon hire, corrections officers must complete specialized hands-on training in order to be prepared for the rigors of working in a corrections environment. Newly hired personnel must be successful in this final segment of training in order to move to their permanent assignment.

Delaware Department of Correction

245 McKee Road
Dover, DE 19904
Phone: (302) 739-5601

Delaware Correctional Officer Employment & Outlook

Correctional Officer Salary: Delaware vs National Salary Comparison

Source: BLS State Cross-Industry Estimates 2011

Delaware's State Department of Justice is committed to ensuring growth and development for the state's correctional officer field. Median income for this role throughout the state is $33,620, compared to the national median income level of $39,800, however professional development can offer additional income opportunities. According to the employment profile for the state, published by at state and national trends predict a 6% increase and 5% increase respectively in correctional jobs by the year 2022. In Delaware, this translates to 60 jobs per year, in both newly created roles and existing vacancies.

Occupational Employment Statistics for Correctional Officers (

Delaware Correctional Officer Salaries By Area

The table below lists career information retrieved from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for correctional officers in Delaware. The table is sorted by total employment, with the largest metropolitan areas listed first.

AreaTotal EmploymentAverage Hourly WageAverage Annual Salary